For a long time I didn`t want to have any pets at all. It can be explained with the fact that all my childhood was spent in the “pets’ corner”. My mother worked in “Durov`s corner” for some time. A lot of different animals lived in our house. They were for example, an owl, grass-snakes, a hedgehog, a fox, mice, rats, a lot of different small birds, a monkey. Of course, they were not all at once, in order of precedency that was made by the long arm of coincidence. The grass-snake was caught by me, for example, at school`s checkroom, at groopmate`s boot. You can guess, I don`t mention cats and dogs, these pets were in our house always, and always from the street.

I grew up, became mother, moved to a separate flat and to tell the truth didn`t even dream about the pets, on the contrary. But the children grow up and on a certain moment they all - absolutely all ask for a kitten or a puppy.

The constant talks about a kitten slowly but surely were coming to a critical point. This point was the trip to an exhibition called “Expocat 2008”. We were going there under a condition “just to look”. We looked. Came home with Varvara - according to a passport - Magnolia. That was a wonderful Mekong Bobtail she-cat. Everything began with Varya. After the first kittens were born I began to enjoy. Mother`s genes were awoken.

I needed one more cat. We didn`t choose the breed long. When I searched the cat’s portal, I recognized it immediately. I couldn`t explain why the Burmese cat then. I just felt it. It happens sometimes, you know it. As for the choice of a kitten, it was a different story... how long I have been sitting in the internet... I talked to breeders, asked foolish questions.. Went to see them, to touch... I wanted to get just a sable Burmese cat. I called half of the world ( I exaggerated a little, it was Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, the USA), 3 months since, I found what I was looking for in the breeding cattery Zaffiro-cat, in Ufa-city. In this brood there were sable and blue Burmese cats. At that moment the kittens were 11 days old. So i needed to wait just..3 MONTHS!

That was long. Very. Elena is a brooder; she sent me photos every week. I observed how the kittens were growing up and tried to make a choice. In vain. Our pets choose us themselves. So I have suffered these 3 months through, completely have lost the ability to sleep and talk on any other topics accept cats, I bought tickets and flew to Ufa.

My Dasti, a blue kitten, told me at once that it is mine. It was simple. But I thought self-confidently that the cat would be sable for sure and that's it. How tender she is! "Butting”)) in the meaning that it likes to butt with its forehead against my forehead)) it likes to place belly for patting, likes to purr in my face, likes to sleep on my pillow to feel my breath. Likes to steal some milk from feeding Varvara, likes to chack the useful vitamins - that is great, because I need to beat them small for Varvara.

Everybody loves it in the house. It is like hot cakes. The children are the first in line. No, I deceived, I'M the first in line. Then Varvara, it believes it its child.)) Varvara is our first favourite cat, Dasti is the second, and as it is “newer” than Varya, we squeeze it more often.)) Oh, I wrote the lie again, my son said we don't squeeze it more than Varya. The same! 

My female Varvara can give a paw ))

burmese, европейская бурма
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