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Good whatever time of day it is where you are!

I am glad to welcome you on the pages of FREYA-WAY European burmese cattery!
We are located in Russia, in Moscow.


I am Anastasia - human being engrossed in miraculous cats European Burmese breed.

The philosophy, creed and the purpose of my activity:

Making this world kinder, more beautiful, doing our favourite activity - breeding the best of the representatives of the unique European Burmese breed and share the happiness of owning one of them with you!

If you are on this site it means that the silky nets of Burmese cats have enlaced you already. The same happened to me. You see, we have something in common already)). I hope that our acquaintance will be pleasant, interesting and useful!

Burmese cats are an embodiment of the natural harmony, beauty and perfection. Our favourite Burmese cat is one of the most charismatic breeds; it is famous for its «golden» character which is ideal for a pet. These cats are elegant, have a delicate appearance in which the simplicity neighbors with the nobility. Burmese cats are not aggressive, patient with the kinds, are very easy trained with the rules of conduct, thanks for the high intellect. The cats of this breed have an inborn taboo on the man`s open skin and don`t show claws even during the game in most cases. The fur of the Burmese cats is smooth, shiny, reminding satin, has the palette of the colors that only this breed has. They are brown (sable), chocolate (champagne), lilac (platinum), blue. The Burmese cat is the elegance, grace and tact itself. Its boundless love, tender and touching attitude to a man surprises and strikes.

burmese cat

pic by @k_r_i_s_f

burmese, европейская бурма

I will be glad to introduce our pets to you, tell about their successes, show a lot of wonderful photos, share the useful information and maybe help you to find a little loving friend.


Burmese breeding cattery  FREYA WAY
active in promoting popularization burmese breed.

The film is about burmese cats in Russia
The presentation includes a breed of cats on the show "EXPOKOT 2011"
 Ring  of  Burmese cats on show cats "Commonwealth 2011" and
fragments show cats "GRAND PRIX ROYAL CANIN 2011".
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burmese, европейская бурма
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