Who is Freya?

I called my breeding cattery with the name of the Scandinavian goddess for some reason. Freya is a goddess of the love, beauty and fertility. She was shown as a beautiful woman, riding a golden carriage with the cats put in harness. I think these were the Burmese cats)).

To follow the Freya way means to find the way deep into the mysteries of nature and hidden worlds that are on the other side or beyond the bounds of reality. The real Freya follower is the one who goes the certain way destined by the alive goddess of Freya. On Freya`s way the intuition is joined with the physical feelings, in an effort to the direct experience of reality.This experience is individual and can be expressed in different ways.

Freya was a queen of the Underground World. There were neither gods nor people who could be as beautiful as she was. Putting on a magic falconine coat, she was flying over the clouds very often. Freya was a thundering warrioress, during the fights she headed Walkyrie that picked up the fallen soldiers, warriors and carried them to Valhalla.

But in spite of the severe character her heart was so mild and tender that she felt the sufferings of everybody and when she was crying the golden tears were falling of her eyes. Freya is a bright representative of the women`s independence, combining sexuality, agression and bravery in herself.

burmese kittens
pic by @k_r_i_s_f

burmese, европейская бурма
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