t. ________________ "____" _________ 2010 y.

The present contract is made between _____________________, called further the Seller and __________________________________________________, called (oh) further the Buyer, as follows
1. Contract subject.

1.1. The buyer as the proprietor gets, and the Seller sells a kitten of European Burmese breed:
colour - , gender - , nickname -_______________________

date of birth- , Registration number of the metrics or family tree ______________________________________________________________.

1.2. At the date of sale quality of a kitten corresponds to a class: ___________
1.3. The present contract is made in duplicate, one for each of the parties having identical validity, and comes into force from the moment of its signing by both parties. Notarial assurance of the Contract isn´t required.
1.4. The responsibility of the parties is established by the present Contract and the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

2. Terms of sale of a kitten.

2.1. The seller confirms that at the moment of sale the kitten is completely healthy. The buyer has the right within 5 days after the purchase of a kitten to check up its health at his/her own expense in the veterinary clinic having the state license. The seller agrees to take the animal back at a single return of money paid by the Buyer for a kitten within 15 days from the moment of sale of a kitten under condition of a presentation by the Buyer of the conclusion of the state veterinary establishment made not later than in 5 days after the sale of a kitten and confirming that the kitten was sick at the moment of sale. If the Buyer hasn´t used the right given to him/her by the present point of the Contract, the further claims on the health of a kitten aren´t accepted by the Seller, also the return of money resources isn´t made.
2.2. The Seller doesn’t take responsibility for the health problems caused by genetics, and claims aren’t accepted, return of the paid money resources isn’t made.
2.3. The kitten is vaccinated at the date of sale, has the issued veterinary passport.
2.4. The kitten is registered in the club «____________________». Family tree reception is carried out by the Buyer at the independent reference to the club or by the reference to the Seller for an additional payment under club quotations.
2.5. The buyer undertakes to provide the due leaving and the maintenance for the bought kitten, timely veterinary service and obligatory vaccination. The animal shouldn’t: 

- be kept in a cage;
- have an easy approach on street and on the unglazed balcony.
2.6. The seller guarantees the conformity of a kitten to the quality specified in the present Contract at the moment of sale and doesn’t give any guarantees for the future concerning its exhibition career and reproductive qualities.
2.7. The buyer realizes that the cruel treatment of an animal (hunger, refusal in drink, beating, application of other violence), contradicting humanity principles, attracts a criminal liability, according to the article 245 of the criminal code of Russian Federation. In case if the Seller knows about the bad physical condition of the animal or about the cruel treatment facts, the animal is a subject to immediate return to the Seller without the return of the money paid by the Buyer.
2.8. The buyer confirms that the Seller makes exhaustive recommendations about the feeding and the maintenance of a kitten. The seller, in turn, agrees to give the Buyer the further advisory help about the maintenance of an animal.
2.9. The animal is the property of the Buyer according to the article 137 of the State Code of the Russian Federation, on the terms of the present Contract.

3. Transaction payment.

The cost of a kitten under the following Contract makes:
____________________________________________________________________________ of payment:

3.1. The full sum is paid at a time, at the moment of the transfer of a kitten at the signing of the present Contract.
3.2. All the expenses connected with the delivery of a kitten to a new residence are completely paid by the Buyer.

3.3. The choice of a kitten is made before the transfer of a kitten to the Buyer is coordinated by the Parties. Thus the Buyer pays pledge and the kitten is considered reserved for the Buyer. Pledge is considered at the final settlement at the moment of transfer of a kitten. Term of final settlement and transfer of a kitten to the Buyer is "___" ___________ 2010_ Signing of the present Contract occurs at the moment of transfer of a kitten.
If the Buyer hasn’t arrived for a kitten and hasn’t paid to the Seller in the term established by the present point an overall cost of a kitten (with the account before the paid pledge), pledge doesn’t come back.

4. Responsibility of the parties.
4.1 In case of occurrence of any disagreements or disputes which can’t be solved by negotiations on the basis of mutual trust and respect the given situation should be solved in court of Moscow.

4.2. Infringement of any of the given points of the Contract, according to the 151 article of the State Code of the Russian Federation is drawing of moral harm (the non-property right), and attracts responsibility of the parties at a rate of double cost of a kitten at the moment of its acquisition and signing of the given Contract.

5. Addresses and signatures of the parties:

Seller:_____________ , 
living to the address: city____, street_________, house number___, building_____, apartment____. 
Passport________________, given out «__________»____________,
the subdivision code _______ .

living to the address: city _____________, s
living to the address: city____, street_________, house number___, building_____, apartment____. 
Passport________________, given out «__________»____________,
the subdivision code _______ .

 Seller:   Buyer:





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