How to feed

You can feed with:

1. Fast meat. Raw, if you are sure it is safe. First, it is frozen for one day at least. Then you should scald it with the boiled water, or just boil, cool and give. You should exclude pork - there is a risk of infection with the fatal deceases for a cat. If you feed with fresh products the meat should be 2/3 of the ration. Besides, the hot meat is fatal for cats. The meat should always be frozen before. Or you risk to loose your pet forever.

2. Porridge made of the rice fifty-fifty with the buckwheat with meat pieces, or just with the bouillon. 

3. The chicken or the beef liver – not oftener than once a week. Or the deformation of the skeleton is possible.

4. The chicken, the turkey - but without bones. Don’t give bones ever - the rupture of the stomach and bowel is possible.

5. The stomachs, hearts, kidneys, lights (beef or chicken), dug - better give it boiled - or the indigestion is possible.

6. Fish. As for the fish the opinions are different. The first consider that the fish should be excluded; the others recommend to give fish once a week, boiled. The matter is that in muscles of a river fish (carp, pike, bream) there is a ferment of thiaminase, that renders a negative effect on Vitamin B, after boiling this ferment is destroyed. In Alaska Pollack, Arctic cod, poutassou, hake, mulsette, haddock and some other types of sea fish there is a trimmet or amine oxids. It cements (ties) the ferrum that is in the food, it made it non-digestible, as a result the cats who eat the numerated above kinds of fish in raw, has a difficult form of anemia.

I will let myself to give an extract from the book Kay A. Earle, DVM, Philip M. Smith in “The Waltham book of companion animal nutrition”, 1995, p. 68-69

“The fish is usually subdivided on oily fish and whitefish. The whitefish such as codfish, haddock, flounder, hake, and halibut has less than 2% of fat, when the oily fish, such as herring, mackerel, a sardine, false pilchard, a sprat, a blue tuna, a salmon, a trout, and eel can have more fat – from 5 to 18%... In general, whitefish is similar in content with the fast meat. The quality of fiber is same high … The meat of oily fish contains vitamins A and D …,All fish entirely including bones, is a more well-balanced source of nutrients for dogs and cats, than the most kinds of meat».

It would be desirable to notice that in the recipes of forages of such well-known marks as 1st Choice, EQUILIBRIO, Royal Canin, Eukanuba, Iams a lot of fish and fish products are included.

7. Boiled vegetables. Only don`t give a lot of potato.
Buying vegetable mixes for a cat, avoid the presence of a string bean in them, peas and corn. Keep in mind that the cat`s defecation will be not firm, therefore it is not necessary to be frightened, but watch all the same. Vegetables are not acquired in an organism completely, these are so-called ballast substances. But the organism will take all useful things from them.

8. It is very convenient to use a shin of a turkey - cook until meat will start to lag behind a bone easily. The broth turns out very sated; therefore there will be a dinner both for you, and for your cat. Fresh carrots and a few potatoes can be boiled together with a turkey, the vegetables should be scrolled together with the meat, to fill in with the same broth - and a kitten will be awfully glad to get such a dinner.

9. Eggs - 1 egg in a week only a yolk. A quail egg is very useful and safe.

10. Cottage cheese. For example, children's curdy bod "Agusha", cats love it very much.

11. In a series of "Agusha" there is also a kefir. Cats drink it with pleasure, and it is extremely useful.

12. Cheese.

We wish to warn that all dairy products should be included into a diet of a kitten gradually, indigestion first is possible. The sharp transition to another feeding frequently causes indigestion.

13. Dry feed. Never in life give your cat dry "Wiskas", "Friskas", "Kitekat" – or you will receive a sick animal.
I like a forage 1st Choice, EQUILIBRIO. If you feed your cat with dry feed, watch, that water is always fresh.

14. I am not the supporter of canned food. Cats then refuse to eat other meal. Besides, in canned food there is a lot of water, and a little nutritious digestible substances. From the financial point of view it is more profitable to feed with meat. For the kittens the canned food should be accordingly kiddy.

15. The grass - can be bought in a pet-shop or be grown up by you. A grass that is on sale – is nothing else but sprouted oats or wheat. It grows very quickly - in a week it is already possible to offer it to a cat.

It is better not to give: 

1. Pork. 
2. Milk 
3. Oil and any fats. Milk, oil, fat causes an indigestion.

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