The phelinological alphabet for "Teapots"

You have decided to get a cat

1.1 Cat as a pet
1.2 What breed to choose?
1.3 Male or female?
1.4 Age of a chosen kitten
1.5 What to pay attention to at a choice of a kitten?
1.6 How to determine the sex of a kitten?
1.7 If you have got an adult cat
1.8 Practical test for character definition

Everything that is necessary for a kitten in the house

2.1 Container for transportation
2.2. Bowls
2.3. Grooming accessories
2.4. Where to sharpen claws for a cat?
2.5. Toys
2.6. Furniture for a cat

Where the king without escort goes

3.1. A toilet corner. A tray for a litter and a scoop
3.2. How many litter boxes are necessary for your kitten?
3.3. Where is better to put the litter boxes?
3.4. What kind of hygienic litters for the litter boxes exist?
3.5. Advice on a choice of hygienic litter
3.6 Litter box clearing and litter recycling
3.7. How to cope with house "troubles"

The first acquaintance

4.1. At what time to plan a purchase of a kitten?
4.2. Adaptation of a kitten
4.3. Adaptation of an adult cat
4.4. A cat and other pets
4.5. Children
4.6. How to make friends with the new comer?
4.7. How to save a kitten from traumas?
4.8. The first feeding
4.9. The first night in the new house

Everyday affairs

5.1. Wishes to owners who hold several cats in one apartment
5.2. How to organize the life of a cat in its territory correctly?
5.3. How to choose a place for a toilet correctly?
5.4. How to teach a kitten to use a litter box?
5.5. How to dishabituate a cat to "spoil" in the wrong place
5.6. The reasons of untidiness
5.7. How to train a kitten to use the scratching post

Education and behavior of a kitten

6.1. A sensibility of a cat to education
6.2. The breeder is a second mother for a kitten
6.3. Cats' "language"
6.4. "Game conditions"
6.5. Games with a cat
6.6. What toys do cats love?
6.7. 10 golden rules of education of a cat

What to give to a cat instead of a mouse

7.1. Bases of cat's feeding
7.2. House diets
7.3. Components of the house diet
7.4. What food is called balanced
7.5. FAQ on dry and canned food
7.6. Components of industrial food
7.7. The relation of a cat to a food
7.8. Rules of a choice of commercial food


8.1. Why vaccination is necessary
8.2. What is necessary to know about vaccines
8.3. Main principles of cats vaccination

One's self doctor

9.1. Medicine chest
9.2. How to give a cat solid medicines (pills, drops, capsules)
9.3. How to give a cat free-flowing medicines (powders)
9.4. How to give a cat liquid medicines (solutions, tinctures, broths) 

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